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Winter Rates 2019

Bookings for the 2019 winter season at Eumarellah open for members from Tuesday 12th or March and for guests from Monday the 18th of March 2019. 

Check our Availability Calendar.

Guest bed rates for 2019 are:

                     Weekend              Mid Week              7 Nights

                 Adult     Child       Adult    Child       Adult    Child

Peak          $230      $170        $600      $340      $685     $450

Mid            $190      $115        $420      $235      $600     $340

Value         $145      $ 90         $205      $150      $350     $240


Peak Season: 26th July - 5th September

Mid Season: 29th June - 25 July

Value Season: Queens Birthday Weekend - 28 June and 6th September to close

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and Direct Debit


Accommodation Conditions

Eumarellah Ski Lodge has a range of conditions that cover check-in/check-out procedures, bed linen, conditions on guest numbers, children in the lodge and cancellations. Please read this information to be familiar with the conduct within the lodge.

How to Book Accommodation

Please read the following processes and procedures concerning booking accomodation at Eumarellah. They apply to members and guests.